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Who is Ajie

Why do you need to read this page? I have no idea how would you be so much interested with me but I’m going to give you a simple clue of who or what I am.

I’m a simple and quite lazy guy working here and there trying to make money online my journey are not always smooth, it has ups and down.

I was having some success here and there but to be honest I am still struggling at the time I wrote this writing, but yeah it’s a heck of a journey and it makes my life colorful.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, with my wife and 2 kids.

Me, my wife and my first kid

Being alive in a 3rd world country is a blessing in disguise, while the cost of living is cheap, you could live like a king if you can make money online because online income is virtually unlimited (as long as you know how!)

So follow along my life journey in this blog I hope I can share you some knowledge which I would like to see you to succeed.

See you on the TOP!

Ajie Wibowo